5 women looking for synchronization



Five women decide to become Synchronized Swimmers to keep head above water. They take over the street to perform their “big show”; without water, they resist and keep on living.
Sink or swim! They adapt and invent a world where they can swim on asphalt, in a pool full of air, the street; beside them in the murky waters, the audience.

This piece is between dance and theater. It has an wandering part and a show.

Duration : 40 minutes.

Photo: Sorcicel


NAGEUSES SUR BITUME (mise en douche)


Photo: crédit Bruno Rochette

Interprètes  Mika Caudal, Charlotte Marquardt, Amanda Rubinstein, Isabeau Shahzada & Isabelle Sueur

Conception Isabeau Shahzada sur une idée de P.Prévost

Direction artistique Isabeau Shahzada & Isabelle Pinon

Mise en jeu: Philippe LEROY

Costumes Véronique Vigneron

Musique  Pascal Morel 

Texte  Amanda Rubinstein

Production Adèle Carré

Régie Julie Le Pallec
Crédits photos : Bruno Rochette, Sorcicel



JournaL de Saone et Loire 18 juillet 2017